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Writing A Book Isn’t Easy

Writing a book isn’t easy.

Well, actually, that isn’t entirely true.

With the facilities would-be authors have at their fingertips nowadays, writing a book, and getting it out there is relatively easy.

What I should really have said was writing a good book isn’t easy.

When you have poured your blood and sweat into writing a story that you are desperate to get out into the literary world, the biggest disservice you can do is not making sure you have perfected it to the best of your ability.

And in order to create a piece of work that is ready, it requires not just the author, but a whole host of others, especially if you decided to self publish.

You need:

  • your support network behind you, both physically and virtually
  • unbiased people ready to read what you are writing, and happy to feed back truthfully
  • an editor who you gel with, someone who knows your vision, and can give you constructive advice
  • more willing readers
  • a cover designer who gets your story
  • copy editors possibly
  • some one who understands formatting to make the interior of your book look as perfect as it can
  • a group of people out there willing to help you promote your masterpiece at the right time

I’m at a crucial stage now.

I have a fantastic support network, thankfully. I have had readers feedback on my original, Ritu-edited draft.

I have reworked parts according to the feedback given.

I found a wonderful editor who has read my work and has given me all sorts of helpful advice and feedback.

I have a list of ready to read beta readers once I manage to finish the edits I wish to make to perfect my story.

I even have a cover designer who has designed a beautiful cover for what will hopefully be my first novel.

There has already been the offer of formatting from one of my dear Blog Family.

And lots of promised support when that release date finally comes to happen.

I’m still not sure of copy editing, but will look into that soon too.

But right now, I need time to get this book ready.

A couple of years ago, I used the month of August to really steam ahead with the writing of this WIP that had taken on teenage status. and it really worked. #RiNoWriMo (Ritu’s Novel Writing Month) was what I needed, and I used my blog as an accountability partner. EAch week I would update my followers on my word count and whether I managed to do what I had hoped. The encouragement I received pushed me to continue, and by the end of the month, my WIP was nearly 60,000 words longer.

Not finished but so close.

I was mentally exhausted though, unsurprisingly, because my month wasn’t devoted to writing, I still had to be a mum to my children who were at the age where they couldn’t occupy themselves for too long, so I was acting as a peace maker/screaming banshee mother as well as writing/typing away furiously.

This year, I have created another month for myself, to get this book to the stage where I can finally say “It’s ready!”.


Yup, I’m sure I’ll be pulling faces like that!

I’ll be focussing my attentions on the editing required, and the changes that I need to make to my manuscript, to give it the best possible chance of being read by more than just a few people out there.

It means that certain writing challenges that I take part in on my other blog may be forfeited for a few weeks, but I think that is acceptable, in the circumstances.

“To realise a dream, you sometimes have to let go of others.”

Ritu Bhathal 2019

And I shall be updating you all on here as to my progress, so you will all be my accountability partners.

Here’s to getting this WIP to REAL BOOK state!


40 thoughts on “Writing A Book Isn’t Easy”

  1. My virtual money’s on you, Ritu. It’s amazing what one can learn by reading another person’s writing regarding their- or some of their – qualities. You’re a grafter and a winner! Go for it. x

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  2. I think everybody who ever wrote a book knows what you are talking about. It takes time and dedication but most of all the enthusiasm of giving life to a project which comes from the heart. Just do one step at a time, sis ๐Ÿ’–

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  3. Good Luck dear Ritu, but believe me it couldn’t be difficult then here… Maybe one day I can share my writing experince… This is wonderful news and so exciting too, have a long and enjoyble writing days, Thank you, Love, nia

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  4. Writing and publishing a novel is hardwork. This tale of your published journey is inspiring Ritu and weathering the challenges accompanying it. Thanks for sharing and am sure it will help newbies like me, struggling with pages.

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  5. I really hope to one day be where you are. Right now just trying to get down my first draft, not helped by small children and stress. Trying to tell myself that it’s just a first draft. I’m receiving to much negative advice, one being that I should ditch my blog as it will affect my novel. The other that I should leave my novel and concentrate on short stories. You are doing amazing! And so so soon you will have your book in your hand!

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    1. Thank you Marian You will get there too. Just listen to your heard, and a few others who you trust.
      I’ve said it before, but no, I don’t think you should abandon your blog at all. It keeps your creativity flowing in different directions, so your book mind doesn’t go stale.
      Yes, if it is getting out of hand, then reduce posts on it, but I know you don’t post half as often as I tend to on my other blog!
      And you are not posting anything that will damage your ‘author’ reputation.
      You’ve set your mind on finishing that manuscript, and you will do it.
      you can still write short stories alongside it too.
      Just give it time. Remember, it’s taken me nearly 20 years to get here!


      1. Thanks Ritu, I started mine properly in February 2019. I’m reading more now then I was, which I’m sure will help my writing. I’m trying to post to both blogs once a week.. aiming about 700 – 1000 ish words.. poetry a bit shorter. Sorry little obsessed with SEO..and DA which to be honest I should abandon as very few people find me on Google any way..
        Yes hard not to listen to other writers advice.. but I do love my blog despite all the work it takes. Thanks Ritu! X

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      2. I spend ages on keywords etc.. not easy when it’s a fiction story, ha ha.. as for Pinterest, right now I’ve given up.. need to create lots and lots of pinnable pins. Life and novel take over for now. Trying to get all SEO traffic lights green.. takes work and readability I’m often Amber.. or red due to lack of headers.. I stress over stats and I really shouldn’t. X

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