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Guest Author: Ritu Bhathal ~ Marriage Unarranged Blog Tour – Day One!

Here is stop one on the Blog Tour! Come and visit Sue’s blog to meet Aashi!

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Thank you so much for being the first stop on the blog tour for my first novel, Marriage Unarranged, Sue.

It’s no secret how long it took me to get this far (twenty years, if you didn’t know), and I have documented my writing journey several times on both my blogs (so if you are interested, please check out my links below).

What I haven’t really told my prospective readers, is more about the characters, so over the course of the tour, I will be sprinkling little nuggets about various characters.

As today is Day One, I thought it would be a good start to introduce you to Aashi. Aashi is the main character in Marriage Unarranged. Though, why should I write about her? I’ll just hand the post over to her!

“Oh! Hi there! I’ve never done something like this before, so I’m not quite sure what…

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Marriage Unarranged, Marriage Unarranged Blog Tour, My Writing Journey

Blog Tour Ready!

Wait, what?

How did that happen?

It feels like only days ago, I was thinking this book would never get published, and now, it’s happening, and in a week, on Sunday the 9th February, 2020, my book baby will finally be delivered!

It’s been a wonderfully crazy lead up to this stage, and the Blog Tour starts tomorrow too, so I’ll be sure to share the posts on here in case you miss them.

This week has been emotional for a few reasons. Happy emotional, that is.

I have had some lovely words sent to me, from an advanced reader, that brought tears to my eyes.

That kind of encouragement really keeps a writer going.

Then I found out that I had my first review on Goodreads! And it was five star! More tears!

And my cover has been entered into this week’s Author Shout Cover Wars. If you fancy voting for my cover, please, click here – Author Shout Cover Wars – to support this little Indie Author! How awesome would it be to win that accolade on the day of publication?

I have been told I really need to get writing on that sequel, and I know I do, too. The ideas are brimming, but my exhaustion has kicked in again so I find myself drifting off, whenever I have spare time, rather than writing. So, I treated myself to a new MacBook Air skin and keyboard overlay. Something cute and pretty. And it has really made me want to get back to it again!

Whaddya think? Pretty, huh?

Right, before I fall asleep again, let me remind you of the Blog Tour schedule, and I’ll be back with regular updates on the posts!

Seven days and counting, EEEEK!

To pre order the Kindle version, click here. The Paperback will be available from the publication day too.