Marriage Unarranged

Marriage Unarranged #BookTour Day Three!

Day three, and I am still flying high, I have to say! The reviews are starting to pop up, and I think paperbacks will hit some doormats soon, too! I think we are teetering between #2 and 3 in the Hot New Release chart for Asian fiction, still, too!

Wednesday, during half term for me, looked like this: dropping the kids off to school, taking an unplanned visit to Lidl for bananas, and coming out with an airfryer, several other things, (and, of course bananas!) getting home, making more work related calls, making lunch (I mastered poached egg!) then reading, and scrolling on my social media! A meeting at my kids school was followed by two and a half hours sat in the car as Lil Man had his cricket practice. I could have taken my laptop, but I ended up reading, instead! A rushed dinner of Chicken Fajitas, and now here I am writing this as I catch up on Eastenders!

Today is the third day of the blog tour organised by the lovely Zoe-Lee O’Farrell (Click here for the full details!) and we have Bookstagram, as well as another lovely review! I was blown away by some of these lovely words people have written about Marriage Unarranged.

If you’d like to take a peek at the other posts, here are the links/posts:

If you haven’t already, Marriage Unarranged is available here!


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