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Dreams Do Come True – Exciting News!

I’ve been at this writing game for a while now.

And, somewhere in my mind, it’s always been a dream for me to write a book, and see it, out there; a real book with my name on the cover.

I achieved that, all by myself, in February of 2020, when I independently published Marriage Unarranged.

But, deep down, I have always yearned for an opportunity to be traditionally published.

Little did I know, that a couple of years later, I would get approached by someone… a publisher, like, a real one, who wanted to sign me.

And that is exactly what has happened!

You are reading, officially, about me signing my first ever THREE BOOK DEAL with Spellbound Books!

Oh, my, what a rush!

I am so, so excited at the prospect of working with this woman-centric publishing house, who have my stories at the heart of their interest.

Marriage Unarranged will officially be re-released by them, in June of this year, and books two and three will follow over the next two years!

There is even a brand, spanking new series name.

The Rishtay Series.

Rishtay means relationships, and they are at the heart of every story I write.

What a blast!

Of course, I had to get my new notebook for this brand spanking, new adventure! It’s already sectioned off, and jotted in, with all manner of dates, etc. I am nervously excited, now…

So, you’ll have to follow, and stay tuned for all the latest updates!

I am well on the way with book two, too, so this will give me the kick to get the first draft finished, too!

Please, won’t you join me in a little celebration?

After all, I wouldn’t be where I am, without you all behind me!

And for that, I thank you!


66 thoughts on “Dreams Do Come True – Exciting News!”

  1. I am so very proud of you, sis. You put so much effort and passion into your dream. You believed in that dream and did everything you could do to reach that big dream. And now, you are at that point where you are at the beginning of that amazing adventure. You deserve it so much that you got there. Congratulations from my heart, dear sis πŸ’–

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      1. Just wondering, sis. Did they “discover” you or did you apply for a contract? And do you have to pay for anything or is your part only the writing receiving the royalties?

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      2. I was approached by them. I’m not paying them. They’re a traditional publisher, so I write, they publish and promote, and I receive the royalties!

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      3. That is what every author dreams of! Wow, just amazing! What greater confirmation can you receive that you have done a fantastic job! I am so happy for you, sis!

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  2. Ritu, that is sooo cool. I put this on Instagram accidentally, I think, but I would love to know the story of how this came about. Were you actively seeking a publisher, or did they find you? Publishers are approaching indie authors more and more these days. Perhaps we could do an interview on my blog?

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  3. I’m very happy for you, Ritu! It’s the dream of so many, and yet few of us will ever know what it feels like. The fact that they approached you must make you feel even better.

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  4. Absolutely brilliant news and very well deserved. I do so love to see someone’s dreams come true, I am sitting here smiling. I shall look forward to following you on your publishing journey. Congratulations! CJ xx

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