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Writing PG-Rated Scenes (As in your parents might be shocked!)

Have you done this, yet?

Today, as I got into the flow of my words, I realised that I might have to write something a little risquè.

A little man-on-man action.

Not that I have a whole lot of experience in that!

However, it is critical to my story.

Then I remembered that my parents have both read Marriage Unarranged, and there was a tiny scene in there, which Pops questioned, before glossing over…

How on earth will he react to this?

I am wondering if I need to have a little sticker on the front of the book, “Rated PG – Parents might need Guidance!”

Okay, so it isn’t written graphically. I’m no erotica writer, but there is still some need for the words arousal and hardness, and phrases like lips trailing over bodies

See what I mean?

Pops, you can’t read it! 🙈 I am already imagining Mum’s comments, though she is aware of the topics that are going to be covered in book two.

But… has it piqued your interest, yet?


55 thoughts on “Writing PG-Rated Scenes (As in your parents might be shocked!)”

  1. Had my mother lived to 100, my books probably would have given her a heart attack. She gave me a book about the facts of life once. I looked for the interesting parts, but most of it was about having your period. My first time, I thought, “Dogs do this.” I didn’t know it was supposed to go inside, and they came in different sizes.

    If your parents are anything like mine, you might want to use a ficticious name and an email address they know nothing about. 😆

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  2. Neither of my parents read any of mu stuff before they died. I think imagining mum reading would have been worse than dad though I’m sure he’d see me in it. ‘ you didn’t… did you?’
    Given we see warnings for smoking in dramas I see no reason not to have parental warnings. And yes… man on man… I suppose I wasn’t imagining that after book one so intriguing.
    There’s a whole other out there, writing incidents and characters that you can’t experience but have to imagine. It can be hard but necessary

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  3. The PG sticker is a good idea. The copy you give to your parents…maybe you should mark the pages that you suggest they skip with giant or many Post-Its with a summary over it, and they can uncover the Post-Its if they choose to.

    Some authors write about menstruation and I’m always torn about whether to announce that some who don’t/won’t experience menstruation can skip it.

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      1. spirits may have flown , but your words are shown. your countrywoman, most likely unknown to ye, has stated that one in every seven persons is from India . whopee! and np for sure.

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