Marriage Unarranged

Marriage Unarranged #BookTour Day Five!

It’s Friday already, so that means, amongst other things, that I only have a weekend between me and being back in school for work! EEK!

If I am being honest, though, I was actually in school today. I had a load of printing to get done, as well as sorting out a little bit of the classroom, and some errands to run in town, meaning it wasn’t worth the drive back home in the middle (plus, with diesel prices the way they are at the moment, I’d rather stay put, thank you very much!)

Though, I did have a bit of exciting bookmail, today. The author copies of Marriage Unarranged are still in the pipeline, and I am rather impatient, so I ordered one off Amazon, as I was so keen to see what it looked like compared to my self-published version. You interested? Please take a peek at the TikTok I created! There is a minor colour change, as well as slightly different formats to the colour banding at the bottom, and that special Call to Action sticker at the front. Oh, and it is bigger than before, too!


I just received my first physical copy of my new release, Marriage Unarranged! #bookmail #booktok #authorsoftiktok #newrelease #Book #Desi #fyp #foryou #foryoupage

♬ original sound – Ritu Bhathal

It is day five of the blog tour organised by the lovely Zoe-Lee O’Farrell (Click here for the full details!) and we have two more lovely reviewers featuring Marriage Unarranged on their blog or Instagram!

If you’d like to take a peek at them, here are the links:

If you haven’t already, Marriage Unarranged is available here!


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