Marriage Unarranged

Marriage Unarranged #BookTour Day Six!

Saturday has been and is pretty much gone now. It’s World Gin Day today, too, did you know that? Might have to raise a glass to me!

Today comprised of getting up earlier than anticipated as Sonu Singh insisted that he needed to be fed RIGHT NOW otherwise he was going to chew at anything that made a noise in the bedroom, cheeky feline! Then I ended up reading and having a tidy-up before dropping Lil Man at this week\s cricket match. Coming home, I had the joyful task of helping to get Lil Man’s revision folder up to scratch for him, as he isn’t the most organised young man. So, three hours of printing, sorting and labelling later, I realised that the binder he had was broken. Lil Princess and I paid an emergency visit to the local Sainsburys to get a new folder, dividers and more printer paper (which is so expensive now, due to another national shortage!). I know how to live, don’t I? We had a Chinese takeout for dinner and chilled out for the evening. I watched My Name is Leon on BBC Iplayer. What a sad film! Have you watched it?

I honestly thought that this week I would be able to balance the release and all it encompasses, as well as some school work, then add some new words to book two. I was a little overconfident in my ability to keep all the plates spinning, what with also being mum-taxi to the kids twice a day! So I made another silly Tiktok! Thought I would share it with you all!

It is day six of the blog tour organised by the lovely Zoe-Lee O’Farrell (Click here for the full details!) and, we have two more lovely reviewers featuring Marriage Unarranged on their blog or Instagram!

If you’d like to take a peek at them, here are the links:

If you haven’t already, Marriage Unarranged is available here!


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